The Black Excellence Society

[formerly known as "FTC”, is the world’s premiere Black talent incubator community.

About Us

The mission of The Black Excellence Society, the LVMH of communities, is to create equitable professional pathways for communities of color through collectivism. This includes everyone from traditional business professionals to self-made entrepreneurs.

While The Black Excellence Society was constructed out of a social necessity for equity, the message is driven by our members’ individual missions to catapult change in their respective industries. The mission remains the same…

Push. The. Culture. Forward.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Black Excellence Society, formerly known as For(bes) The Culture), was born at a secret meeting of the minds at a time when a gathering of Black people of any kind was frowned upon as potentially mischievous. We gathered anyway. The aforementioned time was the year 2017 and not much for those in this mindset has changed since then. The spirit of Black Excellence Society is that of what’s possible when we set ego aside and gather under a common mission as we pose a unified front. 

  • With 10,000+ members globally, we’re leading by example and not just speculating on what could happen if we work collectively. 

  • Together we bargain, separately we beg. 

  • We are truly stronger together.